Striking a positive chord with new followers.

When a strategic planning platform provider wanted to rebrand its image, create a new website, attract a wider audience, and generate more qualified leads, they looked to Spoke for direction. The company, formerly known as LightStance, developed a unique SaaS platform that delivers structured, yet “blank canvas” features and processes that allow it to be customized for virtually any business or personal application in which consistently achieving goals and objectives is the end goal. Add to this a unique card deck that encourages group participation, and you have a dynamic platform designed for action and accountability that results in clearly defined goals and assignments for each team member and platform user. 

husky logo ideas
husky logo ideas
husky logo ideas

creating a positive tempo of feedback.

While it is still early in the implementation of the rebrand and introductory campaign, the initial feedback and results are promising. The website is beginning to generate qualified leads. Business consultants, business leaders, and individuals are positively commenting on the new brand name and theme. And company management is excited about the momentum that is building around the brand. Simply put, this is music to the ears of our valued client – and the Spoke team that helped to choreograph the positive results.

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“Working with Spoke has been exceptional. A collection of incredible talent, experience and ideas, the Spoke team is as good as they come. They understand business, listen, and come back with a brand identity and messaging framework that sets the stage for all the ways we tell our story and serve our prospects and clients. They are disciplined in process and have a formula that works. Thoughtful. Creative. Responsive. Flexible. Fun. With attention to detail and first-class output, Spoke is definitely helping our company get to where we want to be.”

Larissa Bateman, Director of Client Services,

Strategic Harmony

A new name, look, and messaging approach is in-tune with the company’s objectives. After collaborating closely with LightStance, a number of concepts and approaches were implemented. Click below to read the full blog post that addresses these concepts.

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