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How Spoke helped a strategic planning resource harmoniously connect with a wider audience.

When a strategic planning platform provider wanted to rebrand its image, create a new website, attract a wider audience, and generate more qualified leads, they looked to Spoke for direction.

A brand makeover for a SaaS company strikes a positive chord with new followers. 

When a strategic planning platform provider wanted to rebrand its image, create a new website, attract a wider audience, and generate more qualified leads, they looked to Spoke for direction. The company, formerly known as LightStance, developed a unique SaaS platform that delivers structured, yet “blank canvas” features and processes that allow users to customize it for virtually any business or personal application in which consistently achieving goals and objectives is the end goal. Add to this a unique card deck that encourages group participation, and you have a dynamic platform designed for action and accountability that results in clearly defined goals and assignments for each team member and platform user. 

Research reveals a lack of awareness and an opportunity to amplify brand benefits. 

While the platform offers many benefits to teams and individuals focused on goal achievement, interviews with the LightStance team and industry research revealed a general lack of awareness regarding the brand. We discovered that the platform was sometimes confused with project management resources that do not offer the same level of goal-setting benefits and features that encourage collaboration and accountability that set the LightStance platform apart from any of its competitors. However, the need for this type of solution remains high: a recent study found that 61 percent of executives believe that their company struggles to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and day-to-day implementation. Finally, we made the case that the LightStance name was not memorable and did not accurately reflect the platform’s attributes. 

“61% of executives believe that their company struggles to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and day-to-day implementation.”

  • HubSpot, 2019 Research Study

A new messaging approach is instrumental in rebranding the company and platform.

After gathering initial research and identifying challenges and opportunities, Spoke went to work constructing a messaging platform that would become the cornerstone for helping Lightstance to:

  • Articulate the benefits of their brand and distinguish it in the professional and personal marketplace. 
  • Clearly define Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) for the brand and spotlight what motivates and inspires these current and potential users. 
  • Introduce and create recognition of a new brand name, spotlighting its many meanings and benefits. 
  • Develop an umbrella theme and messaging framework that accurately reflects the brand and is consistent in all applications.  
  • Create a website and support materials that utilize the approved messaging framework and establish a brand story that customers will want to tell. 

A new name, look, and messaging approach is in-tune with the company’s objectives. 

After collaborating closely with LightStance, the following concepts and approaches were implemented: was adopted as the brand name.

The name was representative of how the platform brings people into harmony by bridging teams with strategy and consensus. In addition, the name extension “solo” was developed for individual users and “ensemble” for teams. Another prime benefit of the name is that it is the URL address to the new company website making it easy to remember and access. 

A new umbrella theme was introduced.

“Strategic Harmony in Conzrt” set the tone for the new name and campaign and is now consistently used for inspiration throughout brand messaging. The theme quickly and concisely illustrates the strategy involved in the process as well as the harmony that comes when there is group (and individual) consensus regarding achieving professional and personal goals and objectives. 

New messaging was developed. 

We created and implemented messaging that emphasized benefits important to business consultants: an important ideal customer profile that was identified during the research phase and provided a “one-to-many” opportunity for promoting platform subscriptions to a broader audience of business leaders responsible for corporate marketing goals and individuals seeking to plan and achieve their professional and/or personal goals. 

A website was constructed. 

We developed a new website to introduce the new brand name and messaging. By implementing a user-friendly approach, site visitors can easily scroll through the site to find the benefits that best fit their needs, from business consultants to business leaders to individuals all looking for an easy way to implement strategic planning and realize their goals and vision. We designed the site with clear calls-to-action that make it easy for visitors to request more information. 

Brand identity support materials were created. 

From new business cards and letterhead to presentations and brand apparel, the name and look were incorporated throughout company support materials. Additional resources will be developed during the next phases of the marketing program.

Initial results of the rebrand are creating a positive tempo of feedback. 

While it is still early in the implementation of the rebrand and introductory campaign, the initial feedback and results are promising. The website is beginning to generate qualified leads. Business consultants, business leaders, and individuals are positively commenting on the new brand name and theme. And company management is excited about the momentum building around the brand. Simply put, this is music to the ears of our valued client – and the Spoke team that helped to choreograph the positive results. 

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