We’ll get a full understanding of your sales process.

We’ll get to know your business intimately; your brand, your target audiences, their influencers, their buying triggers, and their buyer’s journey. We’ll research your market and industry trends, your competitors, your web presence (and theirs), your products/services, pricing, and margins.

spoke marketing team marketing meeting
spoke marketing team marketing meeting

Then we’ll ask questions during our comprehensive Discovery Session. A lot of questions.

There’s nothing we won’t ask, and we’ve yet had a client not say, “that’s interesting, I’ve never been asked (or thought) about that.”

From there, we’ll tease out your umbrella messaging and brand proposition, and build personas for each target audience to confirm an understanding of their influencers and buyer’s journey.

spoke marketing strategy notes

Then, we’ll map out each target’s buying triggers and craft key messages that move them to the decision-making step. We’ll create your Fastest Path to Cash™ map. This is a list of campaigns/marketing paths prioritized by ROI, each aligned with your sales process.

Every campaign will include creative concepts (not finished art) to help you visualize how tactics may look, and how it will work. In addition, we’ll scope out estimated costs and anticipated return-on-investment.

In order to get you where you want to be, we need to figure out where you are. Let's talk about creating a fully-integrated sales and marketing program that’s grounded in strategy, and designed for the highest possible return on investment.

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