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EOS® helps you determine the Why and the What. We deliver the How.

We have first-hand experience of the transformative power EOS can have on a company, so we created a system specifically for our clients Running on EOS.

In particular, we’ve experienced the transformational power of EOS ROCKS. When an entire company focuses their energy toward goals aligned with their vision, great things happen. We’ve learned that being “accountable” for a rock doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. You can enlist experienced help. That’s where we come in.

A plan without execution is just a wish.

Creating SMART Rocks is great; getting them accomplished is a game changer. We help clients prioritize their strategic marketing Rocks each quarter (i.e., establish a content program, execute a trade show campaign, launch a new brand, attack a new vertical). But the magic happens when we bring them to life. Well planned and executed tactics take companies to the next level.

Every marketing challenge can be put in one (or more) of the following categories:

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Addressing marketing challenges with the IDS process.

IDS™, or the Issues Solving Track™, provides a process that will help you and your team:


Create and prioritize a list of opportunities for growth or improvement.


All ideas, thoughts and opinions are shared until the root issue is uncovered.


The right solutions will be actionable, accomplishable, and someone is accountable for success.

When your leadership team puts IDS into action, critical business challenges can be overcome, processes improve, and so does group morale.

Creating accountability that drives action.

After the EOS’ Vision Day™ process, your V/TO™ is full of information on the “what” and the “why.” You know your ideal customers, your 3 Uniques™, and you’ve established clear goals. But most teams struggle with the “how” of marketing.

Through our Destination Mapping Process, we bring your strategy to life with a messaging framework and campaigns tailored to reach your customers at each stage of their buyer journey.

We bring your story to life through Brand Activation and tailor Marketing Campaigns to move the needle.

It’s the kind of positive traction that reinforces focus, discipline, and accountability throughout your organization. And helps you move closer to accomplishing your Rocks’ goals.

We love EOS. And our clients love that about us.

EOS companies are enamored with us because we bring actionable marketing insights and are Running on EOS™ like they do. EOS Implementers® appreciate us for helping their clients seamlessly achieve success within the EOS framework. When everyone works together toward a common goal, everybody wins.

How Spoke helped FBCG achieve rock-solid results.

When Marketing Manager Karen King of The Family Business Consulting Group (FBCG) needed to quickly develop a series of printed and digital collateral resources to meet her EOS Rocks’ goals, she contacted the Spoke team. Utilizing our marketing and EOS experience, we immediately went to work.

Spoke partnered with Karen and her team to clearly understand the vision and mission of the consulting company. They needed to develop a centralized (and more memorable) brand message that captured unique FBCG attributes and a modernization of the company’s existing design elements.

The new warmer and more approachable verbiage and look helped to bring the brochures, sell sheets, ads, and sales decks together in a memorable way. As to be expected, the rebranded collateral pieces and ads were delivered on time and on budget. Even more importantly, they created excitement with prospective clients and the FBCG team. (P.S. Karen met her Rocks’ goal, too!)

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“We unveiled the new branding, collateral, ad, and presentation at our all-firm meeting and the entire team was blown away! It was really exciting and I can’t thank you and your team enough.”

– Karen King, Marketing Specialist, The Family Business Consulting Group

Between us, we’ve seen, done, and created a system for just about everything (including what you’re looking for).

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