02: Brand Engagement

You haven’t told your story until someone else can tell it.

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There’s an art to simplifying a complex story.

Telling your story begins by understanding your customers, your mission and your brand. Keep your messaging simple and inviting. People don’t need to know every aspect of your saga, just the parts that will inspire them to take action and become loyal to your brand.

Common Obstacles

Struggling with Brand Awareness

Consistency is key when you’re building your brand – and that continuity goes deeper than the logo. Your messaging, positioning, and story should emanate from one voice.

Highly Competitive Marketplace

Standing out from the competition is easy when you stand apart from them. Positioning places your brand where your ideal customer can find you.

Inconsistent Messaging

You haven’t told your story until someone else can tell it. Messaging should be simple, crisp, and compelling.

Sales Collateral is Scattered

After mapping your customer buyer’s journey, the use cases for sales collateral become obvious. Build your sales tools with that big picture in mind.

Mismatched Marketing

An actionable brand standard guide provides a clear framework for the visual language, messaging, and voice of each marketing element.

Spoke Solutions

Brand Identity

Your brand is a promise of performance. It’s a mental shortcut that communicates what makes you different and provides buyer confidence in their choices.

Brand Guidelines

For a brand to be loved, it needs to be consistent across every touchpoint. We plan for how your brand should be treated in every conceivable instance.

Anchor of the Brand

Every brand starts with a strong foundation. Once that’s established, it becomes easy to create each subsequent marketing element.

Sales Collateral

Messaging isn’t one-size-fits-all. There are different buyer personas, different buying triggers, and different stages of the buyer’s journey. A solid framework addresses them all.

When people clearly understand your brand attributes and benefits, they are more likely to develop meaningful connections with your business. 


of customers say they are consistently loyal to brands they feel good about.

Source: Hubspot Marketing Statistics
Forming an emotional attachment between data scientists and Shaip.
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In order to get you where you want to be, we need to figure out where you are. Let's talk about creating a fully-integrated sales and marketing program that’s grounded in strategy, and designed for the highest possible return on investment.

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