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Why turn to Spoke for Brand Engagement? For a company that provided data for artificial intelligence, it was smart thinking.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning drives today’s world.

From smartphones to smart cities, data is the brains behind technology that can think. The challenge? This data is often in a raw, unstructured form that cannot power AI and ML to think in logical ways. And giving structure to this data is what Shaip does best. What Spoke does best is bringing a brand to life so that it activates a prospect to begin a buying process.

Brand Engagement can be described as basically driving consumer action through a positive brand experience. Spoke does this and we do it a lot for companies like Shaip that have a hard to understand product or service. What we did was build a new brand so that the complex Shaip AI data offering was not only digestible and easy to grasp, it had a clear benefit that had buyer appeal.

Shaip knew where they wanted to go. They just didn’t have a map to guide them there.

While a new company, Shaip was started by an organization with over a decade of experience in the field of structured data for healthcare. Yes, it’s a good industry to be in, but Shaip knew that growth was through industry expansion. But how do you take your experience in healthcare and reach companies with AI initiatives in insurance, finance and technology? 

Spoke started this Brand Engagement journey to success with destination mapping. We learned what Shaip did best, the benefits to the target and the competitive differences. With this in hand we began to literally map out a creative brand direction that focused on a clear benefit: Better AI Data. Better results. It took complexity and turned it into something simple to understand as buyers went from asking “who is Shaip?” to “we need to talk with Shaip, today.”

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Technology can be boring. But the brand shouldn’t be.

Honestly, AI data is all about ones and zeros. Insert yawn here. It’s not as cool as selling a sports car or a music concert. Or is it? At Spoke, we believe that Brand Engagement can’t achieve success without actually building a brand that catches the target’s eye and appeals to their sense of wanting something that is new, better and helps them achieve a desired outcome. So we had to build brand appeal through messaging that was telling a story no other AI data provider was telling. And that was what our client and the buyer wanted to hear. And this messaging point of difference lived within a design framework that was just as unique and appealing to the target.

Once we engage the target, we get them to take an important action: embrace the brand.

There’s an old saying in marketing, “You can’t bore someone into buying your product.” Spoke gave the Shaip brand marketable appeal. Now Brand Engagement would turn prospects into leads and eventually buyers. But we didn’t focus 100% on driving sales. That can seem a bit heavy handed to a prospect and turn them off from the get go.

Instead, for Shaip, we built solutions to generate trial, awareness, brand switching and brand loyalty. Tactics ranged from a new website to sales decks that told a story instead of focusing on pure selling. The website we created showed how Shaip understood the challenges faced by those responsible for AI initiatives. Once they earned the right to be heard, the benefit of better better AI data for better results was presented.

Brand Engagement: the results every company can profit from.

Build it and they will come can seem a bit cliche, but it’s exactly what happened with the program put into place by Spoke. Now companies with AI projects that once turned to more established data providers are giving Shaip a try. And they like the results so much they are recommending Shaip to others.

This appeals to the Shaip bottom line just as much as it appeals to investors. So while sales are coming in, so is the money to take this company where it wants to be: the number one provider of data for artificial intelligence. Smart thinking from Spoke and Brand Engagement helped make this a reality.

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