Keeping marketing assets all in the family.

The Family Business Consulting Group (FBCG) offers family-owned companies a complete range of services from succession and continuity planning to communication and conflict resolution. When the company needed to quickly develop a series of printed and digital collateral resources for their consultants to help them attract more qualified prospects, nurture leads, and grow their client list, Spoke immediately went to work on a plan to make it happen.

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Only 22% of businesses are well satisfied with their marketing materials.
Small Business Content Marketing Data & Statistics, 2020 Research Study

A design and messaging refresh takes shape.

While FBCG had existing collateral pieces for their consultants to use with their clients, the materials often lacked continuity in design and messaging. An opportunity existed to develop a centralized (and more memorable) brand message that captured unique FBCG attributes. Plus, a refresh of the company’s existing design elements was set in motion.

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A “family approach” rebrand is implemented.

FBCG consultants are widely recognized for their strategic yet compassionate approaches with their clients. Spoke leveraged this benefit by weaving a “proactive, heart-felt” theme throughout the content and design of the printed and digital collateral pieces.

To make things more organized, the new collateral was also color-coded based on the services offered, and included case studies and articles. The new warmer and more approachable verbiage and look helped to bring the brochures, sell sheets, ads, and sales decks together into a cohesive and more instantly recognizable family of FBCG marketing assets.

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