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How Spoke content helped an online marketing resource connect with more customers.

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Helping an online company stand out online.

When, a leading online web builder and online resource that has served over 3 million small businesses, wanted to attract more website visitors, boost brand awareness and generate more qualified leads, they looked to Spoke Marketing for ideas. In the crowded DIY web builder market, standing out from the competition is no easy task, so the Spoke team took a first step toward developing a solution the way we always operate – by doing our homework. 

A Content Campaign encourages people to “Be Their Own Boss”

With its ability to speak directly to people interested in starting a full- or -part-time business, a content campaign was developed to accomplish the goals of increasing website visitors, brand awareness and qualified leads. For a highly-focused and impactful approach, Spoke developed a six-month content calendar that featured topics to help small business owners get up and running and connect with their customers with online marketing.

At Spoke, creating meaningful communications begins with the customer buyer’s journey and connecting with people during this process with online assets that provoke thought and action.

For, content was developed for small businesses primarily focused on the startup stage but also extended to reach business owners where they were in their customer journeys. Based on research and the Discovery Session, Spoke developed customer personas to help writers and designers develop impactful content. A combination of eBooks, blog posts, white papers, case studies and infographics were implemented to educate and inform’s audience about new business basics and industry trends. 

Impactful content by design.

At Spoke, we’re big on making positive impressions and take the time to understand the audience we are speaking to. Focused on the needs of small business owners, needed content that quickly got to the point to capture the attention of their time-stretched target market. That’s where the art of design came in and resulted in dynamic, easy to follow infographics, eBooks and case studies that quickly told a market-specific story and inspired people to take action. 

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Byline articles provide an excellent platform for thought leadership and establishing credibility, and we crafted a variety of bylines that were placed in several small business publications.

Timely and topical, these bylines were developed through collaboration with, careful research of story topics and publications, and writing compelling abstracts we could “pitch” to editors and other media gatekeepers. As a result, received valuable media exposure.

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Metrics and online analytics reveal a success story.

Unlike some forms of promotion, content marketing is highly measurable. is excited over the results of their recent 10-month content campaign and is continuing with this program that has attracted more website visitors, increased the number of content page views and produced greater time on page, meaning more customers and prospects are reading the content and they are spending higher than industry average amounts of time engaging with it. With link rich articles that include references to offerings, the content also helps to lead more customers to the storefront – a key factor in sales conversions. 

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