marketing enablement Case study: Membersuite

Bridging the gap between a sales team and increasing new sales.

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Turning a cold call into a warm lead, and ultimately a sale.

The lifeline of any association is maintaining their current member base while growing through new memberships. Sounds simple enough. Until you add the complex reality of trying to sell a software that solves that very problem to associations that have had bad experiences in the past with other technology solutions. For MemberSuite, a company that offers cloud-based association management software (AMS) to increase member engagement, this was the hurdle their sales team tried to jump over. They just couldn’t go high enough to overcome the prospect’s past experiences with other solutions that overpromised, and under delivered.

What MemberSuite required was Marketing Enablement that told a positive story that was not backed with a promise. It was supported by a guarantee.

This is the new direction Spoke was going to take MemberSuite through a Marketing Enablement approach that would basically “enable the sales team” to not only turn cold calls into warm leads through a digital strategy, but actually turn those leads into sales through everything from high impact marketing to a new buy flow on the website.

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Sales enablement success, guaranteed.

When associations heard MemberSuite had a software solution that could not only retain membership levels, but could grow them as well, they thought, “This story is too good to be true.” To change that mindset, Spoke had to think differently. From that thinking was born the “No Surprise Guaranteed from MemberSuite.” 

This sales enablement strategy, mapped out in detail, enabled the sales team to not only open doors to qualified leads, but to close sales.

From an SEO strategy to automated emails that drove to dynamic landing pages, the No Surprises, Guarantee told the target audience what they wanted to hear: MemberSuite was 100% focused on delivering the last AMS an association would ever need.

Messaging aligned with a look and feel.

To make even the most unique messaging strategy more impactful, it has to be contained within a design that is just as impactful and inviting. This was evident in everything from sales collateral and website redesign, to offline tactics that included tradeshow, events and partnerships that added value and provided the prospect with the reassurance that MemberSuite software would deliver what it claimed. Guaranteed.

spoke marketing meeting branding

One strategy, multiple tactics. It made a positive impact on the target and sales numbers.

You can’t touch a prospect once and expect them to make a purchase decision. Hardly. Spoke literally took multiple avenues that guided associations to one location: the new MemberSuite website. This is where the conversion from a cold lead to a prospective buyer took place. And the numbers show the results. In fact, MemberSuite’s old close rate of 2.6% turned into 3 sales out every 25 leads generated. It wasn’t a miracle. It was a sound approach made possible through Spoke Marketing Enablement.

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