destination mapping Case study: Medibeacon

In order to get a medical technology company to where they wanted to be, Spoke first had to find out where they were.

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From startup to established, global brand.

There are several factors you can expect to face when developing a medical product and then bringing it to market. It takes time, it takes money and it takes a brand that takes you from startup to established player. These are just some of the challenges MediBeacon wanted Spoke to develop solutions for in order to help bring their fluorescent tracer agents and transdermal detection technology to market. And Destination Mapping was going to get them to where they wanted to be. 

MediBeacon measures success by advancing the health of a global population. We measure success in helping their targets understand this important story.

The science is complex, but the marketing outcomes MediBeacon wanted to achieve were easy to understand. Getting there, through the Spoke Destination Mapping program, meant they could reach the medical community and investor audiences. To start, that required upping their game from an image and messaging perspective. 

This also meant developing detailed and specific persona driven messaging that appealed to their target audiences. It ultimately would result in a brand that reflected an established medical technology company helping advance the health of a global population. Or as we described it in a new tagline: “Life, Illuminated.”

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Medical advancement requires trial and error. Destination mapping is about removing errors in marketing that product.

MediBeacon’s fluorescent tracer agents and transdermal monitoring device had passed several grueling stages of development. It had gone from preclinical into the clinical phase and was soon going to be approved for consumer use. They had everything in place, except they lacked one thing. The funding to get to the finish line.

Part of the Spoke Destination Mapping not only involved directions to reach the medical community through clinicians, we guided MediBeacon down the winding and twisting road to private funding. It included an investor path on their new website. This was essential since it gave potential financial backers access to MediBeacon’s portfolio of tracer agents in various stages of development. 

Measuring the importance of destination mapping.

MediBeacon knows a lot about science and how it positively impacts the human body by measuring what has previously been unmeasurable. But now they could measure the success of Spoke’s Destination Mapping. It was in the form of clinician interest in their advancements and investors wanting to achieve financial health.

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