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Why pour water into a bucket with a hole in it?

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As we were refreshing Laser Light Technology’s logo and website, it became apparent that to truly drive sales, we would have to dig more than a pixel deep.

Opportunity Qualification & Discovery Blueprinting

Thanks to search engine optimization, leads came in through the web regularly.  The problem was … estimates went out with no interaction with the prospect. There was no clarification of the request, no insight sought around what the customer required, and no understanding if Laser Light should even pursue the opportunity.

The result was Laser Light was investing time pursuing the wrong opportunities and wasting money in the process. Oh. And the proposals looked like an invoice from a hardware store.

Inject Expertise

By reaching out to better understand the prospect, Laser Light was able to ask the questions that properly qualified the opportunity.  The result was Laser Light Sales Engineers spending much more of their time engaging with prospects more likely to buy.  

Discovery Blueprint

Laser Light invested in building just the right messaging.  And when it was time to engage with the prospect, Laser Light’s sales team asked the prospect questions.  Just not the right questions.  The result was LaserLight offering solutions that the prospect wasn’t compelled to buy.

Spoke created a library of purposeful, customer-focused discovery specific to Laser Light to advance the Sales Engineers’ understanding of the true issues, challenges, requirements, and needs of their prospect. Each sales professional uses the library to create their own customized customer discovery, coordinated with its marketing effort.

Positioning Against Competitors in the Medical Devices Market

Laser Light had experience in the medical device market and all the equipment required to grow a line of (profitable) business. It’s one thing to have all that, but quite another when their competitor has it too (and they’re also talking with your prospect).

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Know Thy Competitor

Laser Light had their own ideas for how to position against the competition. The first issue was prioritizing efforts based on which competitor they were most likely to face. The second issue was understanding how their competitor was positioning against them.

With our Competitive Masterplan, we helped Laser Light figure out not necessarily their biggest competitors, but rather their most dangerous competitors.  Then we helped Laser Light understand their game plan, so they could put the right “compare and contrast” tactics in place to win more deals. Which they did. Sales to the medical device market jumped 28% the next quarter…and continues to grow every year.

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