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Ups and downs are for elevators, not sales.

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How Spoke took Customer Success to a higher level for an elevator safety inspection company.

Ask just about any company about their sales, and they would most likely tell you that there are plenty of ups, and plenty of downs. For ATIS, a national leader in elevator safety inspections and compliance, it was no different. As they began to rethink their sales focus, they knew they wanted to achieve three things: lead generation, maintaining their current client base and upselling services to those established relationships.

Spoke went to work in developing Customer Success solutions to reach each of those goals. The focus would be to create marketing strategies where ATIS would be proactive in building “relationship trust” with their customers and prospects. Through this approach the desired outcome was to decrease churn rate while lifting sales numbers along the way. Ultimately, these customers would become advocates for ATIS. 

Customer Success. It requires letting the customer know you’re there to help.

ATIS had many services in place that would meet their customers’ vast elevator safety inspection requirements. Spoke developed a destination map where customer challenges were married with multiple marketing strategies that promoted how ATIS would help these customers achieve success. Basically, we were developing marketing tactics that anticipated customer challenges and proactively communicated ATIS solutions to those issues prior to them arising.

A happy customer makes you smile when looking at sales numbers.

As ATIS was discovering, Customer success helps boost customer happiness and retention. It also leads to increased revenue and customer loyalty. That was what they wanted to achieve with guidance from Spoke, and they did. 

We went even further to support them by developing a new website and messaging that directly reflected how ATIS was always by the customer’s side.

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From collateral to emails to social media, we promoted other services such as ATIS Alerts that kept the customer informed about their elevator inspections status.

This meant that customers no longer had to worry about whether or not elevator inspection deadlines were being met and if their elevators were in compliance. Now the customer knew that their elevators would remain operational because, once again, because ATIS was on their side. 

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Education: To build lasting relationships teach your customer what they don’t know.

The government was about to make some drastic regulatory changes in elevator safety requirements that building owners need to comply with today, not tomorrow. ATIS knew about these mandates, but their customers didn’t. This is where Customer Success was put into place. 

Not only did Spoke develop an email campaign for ATIS that educated their customers about these regulatory changes, but that ATIS already had the services in place to help them meet compliance.

The sales meter went far right with an email open rate of 35.9% out of 1,480 emails delivered.

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spoke marketing husky collateral

Turn a hard sell into an easy one.

Let’s face it, upselling products or services can seem very forced in the eyes of the customer.

But for ATIS, they were building a strong relationship of trust that they were marketing to their customers. These customers knew they were in good hands. They also knew that when ATIS said something it was important to listen, including being educated on other services such as consultation, certificate management, test witnessing and everything else ATIS offered.

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