David Meyer

Spoke learns about state incentive programs the hard way.

The state of Missouri has a program, Missouri Works, that offers tax incentives to companies adding as few as two jobs.

While politicians say small businesses are the ‘backbone of the economy,’ that’s not the bone states tend to give us. David Nicklaus from the St. Louis Post Dispatch tells our sad but true tale.

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David Meyer


There are a lot of great story-tellers, but there aren’t enough story-understanders. When clients have trouble explaining a new value proposition, David can name that tune in fewer words than they imagined possible. When prospects come to us with a symptom, David asks the (sometimes hard) questions that get to the root of the problem. Then he solves it. After decades in account management and creative roles, David is able to bridge the gap between creatives and clients (and back). Oh, and he can tell stories, too.

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