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Marketing Enablement: How to Launch and Maintain a Strategy to Take Your Business to New Heights

Now’s the time for you to take action and launch a strategy worthy of your marketing dollars and your brand. Think of Spoke as your marketing enablement mission control. 

It was called an “overbar transcription error.” A simple typo in a mathematical formula caused by human error that could happen to anyone. Unfortunately, it caused the destructive end to an $80 million unmanned Mariner 1 rocket launch in 1962 that was a major setback to the NASA space program. The difference between positive and negative return on investment can be razor thin, and there is little room for mistakes.

While your marketing budget and strategies may not be rocket science, they still demand a nimble, responsive and thoughtful approach. Attention to detail is everything, and every action you take (or don’t) matters. How can you maximize your investment and efforts to cost-efficiently identify qualified leads, connect with them on their customer journeys, and transform prospects into brand loyalists? 

Now’s the time for you to take action and launch a strategy worthy of your marketing dollars and your brand. Think of Spoke as your marketing enablement mission control. 

How We Bring Marketing Enablement Together is What Sets Us Apart

Simply put, marketing enablement ensures that every dollar you invest will help your marketing tactics and tools fire on all cylinders. At Spoke, we’re planners, almost to the point of obsessiveness. Nothing happens by accident. You’ll understand that as we work with you – through discovery sessions and trustworthy research – to design a marketing plan designed to match your goals with a strategy that makes the most of your budget and maximizes your ROI. These highly focused plans are flawlessly executed, seamlessly integrated, meticulously measured, and designed to effectively connect with your audience, 

While this all may sound like the concoction of a mad scientist, it actually isn’t that intimidating when you work with professionals who have proven experience and successful results in this area (like the marketing pros at Spoke). Before you launch any marketing program, the key is to partner with a group that takes the time to really get to know your business, brand, and (most importantly) your customers – their challenges, motivations, and buying habits. This initial prep work will lead to a marketing plan that doesn’t just attract customers, but helps you gain loyal brand advocates and ongoing repeat business. That’s when things really begin to take off. 

Every Mission Needs Sound Tactics

You and your brand are on your own unique trek. What works for your competition may not be the right strategy for you. A successful marketing mission begins (and continues) by implementing the right tactics – a mix of elements from web and blog content to digital ads to direct response – that are custom-designed to achieve your goals. If you’re like most businesses, there is a lot of competition and obstacles in your orbit. Implementing custom strategies based on your unique brand attributes can help you create more space between you and everyone else in your industry. 

At Spoke, we take great pride in our ability to develop campaignable strategies, not just “one-off” executions, that combine the best tactics to meet your specific goals through a cohesive, integrated marketing enablement plan. This highly targeted approach helps you to build strong connections with prospects and customers – and build greater ROI for your business.

Where to begin? The approaches should all be based on your customers’ pain points and your brand goals, but they should include targeted messaging, creative visuals, and compelling storytelling that clearly convey the “why” of your brand, the “what” of your brand benefits, and the “how” of taking next steps to make a purchase during every step of the customer buying journey. Speaking of that journey, we believe everything you do should revolve around it – it’s the key to happy customers and ever-growing success in your business universe. 

Motivating Your Team With the Right Stuff

So that every one of your team members understands company objectives and their specific roles in making things happen, internal communication and training are essential to create and maintain a cohesive effort. Continuity of messaging, strategy, and action is critical to a successful mission. When everyone is on the same page, your customers hear the same powerful brand story from every person – and every selling vehicle – that represents your brand. 

Need added motivation? Consider this: 95 percent of companies that implement a well-defined marketing plan are more profitable than those that don’t. When you initiate proven marketing strategies and give your team all of the necessary resources to support your mission, a potent synergy occurs that matches marketing talent, technology, and sales technique with prospects looking for guidance and inspiration during every phase of their buyer journeys. Marketing enablement empowers your brand to connect with hot leads and, ultimately,  convert them from potential buyers to repeat customers.

Measuring Success on Every Stage of Your Journey

Getting successfully from Point A to Point B includes many milestones along the way. These metrics-driven marketing checkpoints will help to ensure you are always going in the right direction and staying the course of your marketing plan. The goal is to create a customer-friendly environment where sales cycles become shorter, deals are bigger, and your customers’ relationship with your brand continues to grow. Marketing automation tools like Hubspot, Pardot, or Eloqua can be seamlessly integrated with your marketing efforts to boost sales backed by measurable ROI results. 

Providing your team with sales activity metrics will help them monitor and improve their performances – and enable you to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing and sales spend. This valuable information will allow you to be flexible with your strategies and make adjustments as necessary to optimize your marketing enablement efforts. 

From Liftoff to Landing, Spoke Can Get You Where You Want to Be

Want to take your brand and business to even greater heights of success? Link up with Spoke and get your business where you want to be through marketing enablement.

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