David Meyer

Hey doc, I need an antibiotic.

It’s that time of year; doctors get the call all the time – patients looking for a quick fix to whatever’s ailing them. We get similar calls almost daily (no, not for drugs…not anymore, anyway). Prospective clients call up wanting a solution without knowing the cause of their problem.

Most of the time they’ve self-diagnosed what’s causing their pain, and think that all they need is a shiny new marketing tool/ panacea and everything will be unicorns and rainbows. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Think like a doctor. Ask yourself the hard questions. Business owners need to take a big picture look at their business to cure the disease, not the symptom. After enough years, we’ve got a custom-built client decoder.

client decoder

The list goes on and on.

Just like the doctor, we need to find out what’s causing the problem before throwing ‘solutions’ at it. With the end of the year rapidly approaching, now is as good a time as any to reflect on what you’d like to accomplish with your business next year (and don’t think symptoms).

Prequalify leads more accurately?
Increase online conversion rates?
Improve awareness among a high margin target?
Concentrate efforts on tactics with the highest potential ROI?
Just like your doctor, your agency isn’t likely staffed with mind readers (although, my grandmother was a gypsy for the record). Before you start running to the medicine cabinet, wasting time and money (and maybe creating some ‘superbug’), try to figure out what’s causing the pain first.

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David Meyer


There are a lot of great story-tellers, but there aren’t enough story-understanders. When clients have trouble explaining a new value proposition, David can name that tune in fewer words than they imagined possible. When prospects come to us with a symptom, David asks the (sometimes hard) questions that get to the root of the problem. Then he solves it. After decades in account management and creative roles, David is able to bridge the gap between creatives and clients (and back). Oh, and he can tell stories, too.

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In order to get you where you want to be, we need to figure out where you are. Let's talk about creating a fully-integrated sales and marketing program that’s grounded in strategy, and designed for the highest possible return on investment.

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