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Going Up: Leveraging expertise to elevate leads.

When ATIS, a leading elevator and escalator inspection company, wanted to spread the word about their consulting services and generate more qualified leads, they looked to Spoke for marketing assistance.

ATIS wanted to raise awareness about its expanded consulting and management services.

When ATIS, a leading elevator and escalator inspection company, wanted to spread the word about their consulting services and generate more qualified leads, they looked to Spoke for marketing assistance. As the only company that manages every aspect of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways for building owners with a geographic national footprint, ATIS  was ready to communicate the availability of their expanded services to customers and prospects. With decades of proven experience and a team of talented professionals, the company has the expertise and resources to deliver outstanding results for every client.

Research reveals an opportunity to showcase ATIS expertise.

When looking for the best way to inform building owners about ATIS’s expanded services, the Spoke team began the process like we always do – by doing our homework. Research revealed that webinars for a business-to-business audience are especially effective for this market. In fact, 70 percent of webinar attendees may become qualified leads. Because webinar participants will typically only register for an event if they have a strong curiosity or interest, webinars can be effective and cost-effective. This was especially important during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic when trade shows and other in-person event opportunities were limited or non-existent. In addition, webinars would give the ATIS team opportunities to speak directly to and interact with their audience while also highlighting the webinar hosts’ high levels of experience and industry expertise.

“70% of business-to-business webinar attendees may become qualified leads.”

A new webinar series takes audience interest to a higher level.

The Spoke and ATIS teams collaborated to create a webinar series featuring key conveyance system topics that affect business owners, including “Due Diligence Best Practices for an Elevator Equipment Assessment,” “Best Practices in Elevator Modernization and Project Management,” and “Managing your Elevator Management Provider for Contract Maximization.” Each webinar featured an ATIS expert with Quality Elevator Inspection (QEI) and other certifications to talk through the ATIS approach to overcome the attendees’ challenges and to answer questions at the end of each presentation.

A complete marketing campaign raises awareness.

To ensure that the webinars were well attended, Spoke implemented a complete campaign for each webinar that included a blog post, an email (and periodic followup emails in advance of the event), and social media posts to make registration fast and easy. In addition, everyone who signed up for the webinar received a follow-up email with a link to a webinar recording, a downloadable with elevator maintenance service details, and a call-to-action to schedule a consultation with ATIS.

Strong webinar campaign results help to increase interest in ATIS consulting services.

The webinar series was well-attended and proved successful in increasing awareness about ATIS’s consulting services and generating more qualified leads. The webinar emails registered nearly a 30% open rate (17% is considered a success) and a 4.38% click-through rate (the industry average is 2.9%). Over 90 people registered for the first webinar, resulting in multiple proposal requests the week of the event and more that followed in the days after. ATIS was pleased that the webinar reinforced their position as a thought leader in their industry, and with each touchpoint of the campaign that generated ongoing qualified new business leads for their consulting services.

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