Dan Klein

"Bees Knees" to Bring You to Your Knees

Spoke Friday has been a tradition going back since we opened in 2008.

The partners were meeting so many people that we worried about following up with everyone.  So we decided, why not host a happy hour and bring everyone to us.  We held happy hours every 2 weeks in 2008.  But then we realized that drinking that much would land us all on a 12 step program.  We went to monthly for a long time and have now settled on “themed” Spoke Fridays a few times a year.

We also feature a cocktail at these events and wanted to start sharing the recipes with you.

The first shared recipe is called “Bees Knees”.  There are lots of variations but I found this one at Earl’s in Whistler Canada.

2 parts Gin (I use Hendrix but any smooth gin will do)

1 part Cointreau (this is the ingredient that separates this from other recipes)

1 part honey (be sure to dissolve with some water first)

1 part fresh lemon juice (don’t skip on fresh juice)

Garnish with lemon peel

Beware… three of these will bring you to your knees. A perfect drink for over the Thanksgiving holiday to help make it through family engagements!

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Dan Klein


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