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Roadside Medical

Roadside Medical was ahead of its time – delivering much needed medical assistance to over-the-road truckers where they needed it most – on the road. Roadside partnered with Pilot Travel Centers with the hopes of rolling out a national footprint of ‘convenient care’ centers aimed squarely at the needs of the long haul driver. Programs were built around weight loss, medication management, and smoking cessation.

In Spoke’s tradition of ‘build it right the first time’, graphics were expertly illustrated with the intention of using them on multiple elements. This allowed us to amortize the cost of what would be considered ‘expensive’ illustrations across multiple tactics, creating a cost-effective marketing plan that was informing partners, drivers and driving the bottom line.

Unfortunately, RSM was a victim of the economic downturn of 2008, and subsequently lost all investor funding. Spoke continues to help the former CEO with projects as Bob Perry, The Trucker Trainer remains dedicated to improving the lives of drivers across the country.

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